Siân Phillips

Born in Wales in 1933 and bilingual in English and Welsh, Siân Phillips is perhaps best remembered for the role of Livia in the BBC production of 'I, Claudius'; though to younger people she may be more familiar as the Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam, in David Lynch's 1985 movie 'Dune'.

Although she has appeared in many films, Miss Phillips is, primarily, a stage actress. She has a very attractive and expressive voice, and has performed in singing roles, notably in 'Pal Joey' and 'Marlene', a tribute to Marlene Dietrich. Most of the pictures on this page are taken from the latter show, of which I was fortunate enough to see a performance at the Lyric Theatre in London. I would recommend it to all admirers of both Miss Dietrich and Miss Phillips. Siân is genuinely sensational: in the finale, clad in a glorious sequinned dress, she looks less like the eponymous heroine than a goddess. Even if you are not a Dietrich fan, you are sure to find the interpretations of her songs unforgettable. A CD is available, and if you don't get to see the show (and even if you do!), you might want to check it out. I, naturally, rushed out to the foyer afterward and snapped up a copy - along with any pictures and souvenirs that were to be had. For your info, the CD includes (and you knew this, didn't you?) Falling in Love Again and Lili Marlene; as well as La Vie en Rose and The Boys in the Backroom, and many others. For me, though, the highlights have to be Jonny, Illusions; and I Wish You Love, which are all heartbreakers. On a lighter note, there is Lola ("They call me naughty Lola....") and The Laziest Gal in Town (very seductive indeed). There are 15 tracks in all, none less than excellent, and if I remember correctly, the CD costs £14. Believe me, it's worth it. As is the show.

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