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G = Game      I = Graphics Program      U = Miscellaneous utility      W = Web Creation
All files are either  standard zip archives (*.zip) or self-extracting zip archives (*.exe)

U PKZIP (203 k), DOS.  File compression/decompression tools, which are needed to unarchive most of the software available on the internet (including most of the files on this page).
I SEA (705 k), DOS.  Fast, friendly graphic viewer/converter, which also makes great thumbnail catalogue files. 
I DISPLAY  (811 k), DOS.  Graphics viewer/converter.  A sluggish and somewhat complex program which isn't a patch on SEA for day-to-day image viewing.  However, DISPLAY does have its good points, including a  split-screen setting  which makes it easy to organise graphic files and directories; and a fair range of image processing tools; and it converts between a much larger range of file formats than SEA.  So, maybe it isn't so bad after all.

U PGP 263i (300 k), DOS.  Probably the best-loved and most trusted free encryption program on the planet.  American readers should note that this particular version of is NOT legal in the United States and should check my Links page, under Cryptography, Freedom, Censorship and Pornography,  for access to a site offering a copy that is. 
U MPGP (22 k), DOS.  Command line utility that makes it easy to use PGP to encrypt/decrypt multiple files using simple or public key encryption, and using wildcards. 
U DOS NAVIGATOR (768 k), DOS.  Superb, feature-rich, front end/file manager for DOS.

U HTMSTRIP (110 k), DOS.  HTML-to-ASCII converter, which works much better than any other I've found. 
U RZSPLIT (30 k), DOS.  A program for splitting large zip files into smaller ones and highly unusual in its ability to handle zip files containing individual files larger than 1.4 MB.  Very handy for backing up things like DOOM when the original disks have become corrupted. 
U TXTABLE (88 k), DOS.  A program for generating text tables. 
G DIEP (131 K), DOS.  Good, solid chess program, with decent graphics, lots of features and quite strong gameplay. Players who find it too easy might care to visit the Rebel Home Page, where they can download a DOS program called Rebel Decade, a freeware demo of Rebel. 
G ZANGBAND (1257k), DOS.  Most recent DOS version of what is probably the most popular Angband variant. 
U APACK (58k), DOS.  Useful utility for compressing executable files (just make sure you back up important ones before you use it!). Another such program is 
U XDOC (35k), DOS.  Text -to-exe utility. 
I GIF TOOLS (43k), DOS.  A gif commenter, splitter, etc.  No docs with this version, so download last version documentation. 
G TIMELESS (151k), DOS.  One of those audio-visual demos which seem intended to simulate (or enhance?) the effects of mind-altering substances. Surreal and worth a look if you've never seen such programs. 

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